Omarion Discusses The Public’s Reaction To His Ex-Girlfriend Apryl Jones Dating His Ex-Bandmate Fizz

B2K Omarion Apryl Jones Fizz

The B2K frontman gives his side of the story.

(AllHipHop News) Now that Omarion is on a press run to promote “The Millennium Tour 2020” the trek’s co-headliner is being asked about the drama surrounding Fizz and Apryl Jones. The relationship between the two Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast members became tabloid fodder for months.

Jones is the mother of Omarion’s two children. Fizz is Omarion’s former bandmate in B2K. As a result of that dynamic, many social media users blasted Fizz and Apryl for disrespecting the singer by displaying their courtship on Love & Hip Hop. However, Omarion became a meme for appearing to be unbothered about his ex-friend and ex-girlfriend connecting in such a public way.

“I want to be clear though. What me and Apryl had is what me and Apryl had. We created something really beautiful and gave something truly beautiful to each other that’s really irreplaceable,” said Omarion on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. “At the end of the day, even though I have public issues I wish no ill intention or malice towards anyone.”

When asked if it is crazy that people outside the situation express how they think he should feel about Apryl and Fizz, Omarion answered, “Yeah, no doubt. Especially because people assumed that nothing is being done.”

Last October, Fizz appeared on VH1’s Brunch With Tiffany series with Tiffany “New York” Pollard. The reality show star told Pollard that he currently does not have a personal relationship with Omarion even though they went on B2K’s Millennium Tour together in 2019. 

Omarion spoke about the status of his friendship with Fizz while sitting with Big Boy. The “Ice Box” performer stated, “I don’t have a relationship with Fizz. But I think there should be an opportunity for us to talk one day. I don’t know when that is, but there should be an opportunity for us to… Because it’s such a question to people, so it kinda creates this layer of ‘I don’t know.'”