One Of DaBaby’s Artists And Another Man Accused In Miami Shooting

A rapper signed to DaBaby is now charged with murder.

A rap artist and another man has been arrested in the now-infamous Miami shooting that claimed the lives of two people.

Rapper Wisdom Awute, 21, and Christopher Urena, 29, were arrested today by Miami Beach PD and charged with attempted first-degree murder, along with a myriad of other charges.

As we previously noted, rapper DaBaby was detained and questioned after the double shooting that happened on South Beach. DaBaby was released after he was interviewed by police.

The shooting that Awute and Urena are accused of occurred blocks away, and was seemingly unrelated. Why DaBaby was even questioned as perplexed online audiences.

However, Wisdom is signed to DaBaby’s label, causing the plot to thicken considerably.

According to witnesses shooting victim Emerson Delgado got into a verbal altercation between the men. Delgado was hit in the face and tried to run, according to reports. He was run down and shot him in the right calf by Wisdom Awute, according to the affidavit.

“Awute attempted to stop the defendant from fleeing in the vehicle at which time the defendant accelerated the vehicle and continued southbound. Members from victim Awute’s party fearing for his safety opened fire on the vehicle due to the fact it was being used as a weapon,” the affidavit said.

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