Original Copy Of Jay-Z’s Videotaped Testimony In Perfume Battle To Be Destroyed

A judge has ruled that rap mogul Jay-Z must be videotaped during testimony in $18 million over a failed perfume called Gold.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Jay-Z has lost a bid to end a “Spanish Inquisition” in a battle with a perfume company.

Parlux Fragrances filed an $18 million lawsuit against Jay-Z in January of 2017.

Parlux Fragrances claims Jay-Z, real name Shawn Corey Carter, backed out on an agreement to promote a cologne called Gold.

Jay-Z filed a countersuit, claiming Parlux Fragrances failed to pay him royalties he was due for over two years.

The lawsuit escalated in 2018 when lawyers for Parlux Fragrances demanded the rapper turn over his calendar.

They also wanted the rapper videotaped for a deposition which they claimed invoked memories of the “Spanish Inquisition.”

Earlier this week, a judge issued a ruling in the case to address Jay-Z’s privacy concerns.

Jay-Z does not want to be filmed answering sensitive questions under oath, which could eventually make its way into the hands of the hungry press.

A judge has ordered Jay-Z to be videotaped as he testifies, noting all parties are being held to a strict confidentiality agreement barring anyone from ever handing over the file.

Additionally, each party will receive a watermarked copy of the videotape to identify the leaker.

Any unwatermarked copies will be destroyed as a safeguard against potential leaks.