Parents, Charter School Executives Outraged At Blacc Zacc, DaBaby & Kris Rich Rap Videos Shot On Campus 

Da Baby and Blacc Zacc

Blacc Zacc, DaBaby, and Kris Rich are under fire for shooting controversial videos at a charter school in North Carolina. 

A group of parents in Gaston County, North Carolina are outraged at the executives who run the Mountain Island Charter School.

Parents are mad because the directors of videos for Blacc Zacc, DaBaby Kris Rich supposedly lied to the faculty when they shot some controversial videos inside of the school. 

The parents were ticked off when they saw Blacc Zacc’s video for “Bang” with DaBaby, which was shot by 20K Media on the school’s football field.

 “Bang” features Blacc Zacc and DaBaby surrounded by twerking cheerleaders, and with the exception of explicatives and some gun references, the video is tame compared to Kris Ruch’s video for “Classroom.”

Kris Rich’s video for his song “Classroom” sent the parents at Mountain Island Charter School into a frenzy. The video, which was shot by Gemini Vision, was especially egregious since it depicts Kris Rich simulating oral sex with a teacher, and features guns, which are supposedly just props.

One parent said props or not, the videos are a bad look for the school and the students who attend Mountain Island Charter School. 

“No matter how they want to spin it, this was a huge failure of leadership,” said Berkley Savage, a mom of two students at school. “There’s no excuse for letting these people in our school unsupervised and participate in the conduct that they did.” 

According to WCNC, Justin Matthews, the Executive Director of Mountain Island Charter School, was duped into letting the rap stars use the facilities. 

Matthews claims he was led to believe the videos were for a college project. To make matters worse, Mountain Island Charter School was not even compensated for the video.

Matthews said the objectionable content featured in Kris Rich’s video was shot in secret. The Board Of Directors at Mountain Island Charter School issued a statement to parents regarding the controversial video by Kris Rich.

Kris Rich “Classroom” Video

“We like so many of you, share the concern and outrage to see a video that was released with unacceptable content without consent,” a letter sent to parents read. “The school was misled by this individual, and our attempt to help this individual for no payment in return has cost us dearly.”

Kris Rich’s antics could have serious repercussions for executive director Justin Matthews.

Parents have started a petition to suspend Matthews during an investigation, which could ultimately lead to him losing his job in the middle of a pandemic.