Paris Hilton’s Mom Confuses Lizzo With Gabourey Sidibe; Calls Singer “Precious”

Lizzo, Paris Hilton, Precious and Kathy Hilton

Twitter exploded on Paris Hilton’s mom, after she accidentally called Lizzo “Precious”

Reality star and mother of Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton, just made a major pop culture flub, embarrassing herself and those close to her while offending a whole race of women.

During an appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live With Any Cohen,” the 63-year-old mixed up pop superstar Lizzo with award-winning actress Gabourey Sidibe.

Now before you say, ‘well, it could happen,’ fans are asking to consider this … the two look nothing alike.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member was asked to identify people by a picture presented by the show’s producers. When it came to Lizzo, she squinted her eyes and said, “Precious?”

Her co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff, who was also on the episode, tried to help her clean it up and said, “She is precious, though. Lizzo is precious.”

Hilton did not let up. Instead, she said, “That’s what I call her! Her nickname is ‘Precious,’ to me.”

One person commented under the Twitter post by @QueensofBravo and called her “racist.”

“This is a pretty racist comment but because the fans like Kathy, they’re laughing it off,” the person said.

Actress Holly Robinson Pete also chimed in, saying, “Please tell me she didn’t say ‘Precious’…and THEN say “I don’t know her”- THEN say … that’s her nickname for Lizzo Make it all make sense.”

Another person tweeted, “Kathy Hilton is racist and fat phobic as hell for that Precious comment. Also what a 2009 ass insult girl get a life lmao.”

Hilton has not released a response to the backlash or an apology. Lizzo nor Sidibe have commented either.