Pastor Troy Comments On The Death Of Miss Minnie: ‘I represented for her… I love you, Minnie

The world is morning the tragic and sudden death of Lifetime’s#### series Little Women: Atlanta’s leading lady Miss Minnie.

(AllHipHop News) More than just the reality tv world was impacted by the death of Miss Minnie.

The little woman with a big heart broke out on the small screen short four years ago, but it seems like she has been a friend in our head— forever.

And while, fans tuned in week after week, to see what shenanigans she and the cast of “Little Women: Atlanta” would get into, one person that graced an early storyline showed that there was some stuff actually real on the show: their friendship.

Pastor Troy debuted on the show in 2016 in a fog of controversy as people wanted to know if he was not only her boyfriend but her potential baby daddy.

No one really knew whether or not they really were an item, but in an overwhelmingly heartfelt Instagram post, Pastor Troy big his farewell like the G that he is.

The post was captioned: “I Love You, Ms.Minnie, A True Friend. Forever in my heart. I’m proud of everything you accomplished. We will laugh together again~P.T.”

And as sweet as that is, it is the video that tugs most.

On his DSBG radio show, Aaron Hall’s “I Miss You” plays as he turns the volume to speak from his heart.

“Sending my condolences to the beautiful Ashley Minnie Ross.” He paused before saying, “What’s so crazy man… All I got is good thoughts, good memories, so many laughs that me and her shared.”

Miss Minnie was one of the principal stars of the Lifetime series, Little Women: Atlanta.

According to CNN, she died on Monday from injuries sustained in a car accident.

The crash happened on Sunday, around 11 PM and she died nearly 24 hours later in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

“I think back to meeting Minnie, man. Minnie was probably 17 or 18 years old. We were in Chatanooga Tennesee in one of Miss Magic shows. (What’s up, Magic) Minnie gets up on the stage while I’m up there. I done pick Minnie up. I’m dancing with her and stuff. The whole club just having a good time. I’m telling the club… I’m on the microphone and I am saying ‘Alright… Lil mama is gonna go home with me tonight.’ Everybody just laughing and having a good time. I’ll never forget it.”

“We come out of the club. They got us parked in the back and everything… Club letting out. Get back there to my truck. Minnie is on the hood of the Dually truck. We like ‘what?’ We trying to figure out how she got up there. That Dually truck was high, man. Minnie said, ‘I climbed up here.’ Just being able to climb up on the hood of that trunk… I had love for her… it was on ever since.”

“It’s crazy, shorty move here from Chatanooga and made a name for herself down here in Atlanta, GA. Everybody can’t do that. A whole bunch of people ain’t did that. I just have the ultimate respect for her. Much love to her mom, God bless you, Mom.”

“Minnie did her thang.”

“It was crazy man. I was thinking this morning when I got the news when all that stuff was going on with the show, with The Little Women of Atlanta and everybody was like ‘what… Minnie pregnant you got a baby and all this stuff… Me and Minnie never even discussed that amongst each other. And it wasn’t nothing for me to discuss because I knew I wasn’t gonna let nobody hurt her or disrespect her. I didn’t like how they started treating her after all that went down, you know what I mean? I represented for her. Much Love. I love you, Minnie.”

Miss Minnie was 34 and is survived by her mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle and other family members.