Pastor Troy Launches Atlanta Youth Program With High School Friend

Rapper has teamed up with a conflict expert to help young people stay on the right track.

Pastor Troy has linked up with Dr. Travis Barber, the founder of 1moquestion youth mentorship program. The program is set up to help stir kids away from trouble and gang activity by offering free studio time to honor roll and outstanding academic students.

“I thought by me bringing them to the studio where so many people look at this like the promised land, and I partnered with no other than Pastor Troy, to help bring kids to a place where they can put their issues, and their traumas on tracks,” Barber told Local News 8.

Pastor Troy is looking forward to serving the Atlanta community. He said it’s an honor to team up with Barber to be role models.

“I’ve been supporting my homeboy Travis, and you know we went to high school together, grew up together, and so when he got his life together and came home and wanted to offer the youth mentorship program, I was all in for it,” Pastor Troy said.

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Barker has spent a great deal of time focusing on conflict resolution in young people. He uses his own life to show them what he’s been through.

Metro area schools such as Kipp Charter School, Banniker High School, West Lake High School and Creekside High School have reached out to him.

“I go in, get both parties together, sit them down, and come up with a resolution to why there’s a misunderstanding, and how we can make both sides walk away peacefully,” Barber explained. “My life experience is I served 10 years in prison and even on the inside I had to settle issues between gang members as well as just regular civilians, and I brought that same skillset to the streets, to keep so many kids from going back inside.”