Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Runs ‘Stand Up To Jewish Hate’ Ad During NFL Game

Kanye West and Robert Kraft

More people are standing with Jews after Kanye West made comments about the community.

In light of the recent antisemitic comments spewed by Kanye West, more influencers are locking in and going against the producer’s derogatory stance on Jewish people. 

Under the guise of free speech, people claim reverse discrimination against the federally protected group and want their rights to be protected. 

But not everybody is jacking that.

Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots football team, ran an ad during Sunday’s game against the Jets that urged fans to “stand up to Jewish hate.”

Kraft sponsored a 30-second clip under The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS) name saying in simple white letters against a black background, “Antisemitism is hate. Hate against Jews. For being Jewish. Recently many of you have spoken up. We hear you today.”

It continued, “We must hear you tomorrow. There are less than 8 million Jewish people in this country. Fewer than are watching this game. They need you to add your voice. #StandUptoJewishHate.”

The ad is the polar opposite of the message shared by Ye and many of his followers. However, it is in lockstep with companies like Adidas, Balenciaga, Vogue, and others that have stepped away from his commentary.

Former allies like Justine Bieber, Aaron Donald, and Jaylen Brown, who once were aligned with the artist’s vision, have moved away— severing their ties with him, according to TMZ.

The hate is real. According to the Anti-Defamation League, almost every day in October, an antisemitic act against a Jewish person has been committed and recorded.