Paul Wall Presents Food Truck To Olympic Gold Medalist’s Mom, Gets One Of His Own

Paul Wall

Cruising Kitchens owner Cameron Davies gave a $250,000 food truck to Tamyra Mensah-Stock’s mother with help from Paul Wall.

Paul Wall received a surprise while presenting a gift to an Olympian’s mother.

Cameron Davies’ Cruising Kitchens donated a $250,000 mobile kitchen to Olympic gold medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock’s mother Shonda Wells on Saturday (May 21). Paul Wall handed over the keys to Wells before Davies unveiled another food truck for the Houston rapper.

Davies brought out Paul Wall’s Grill, which was built for the People’s Champ under a licensing agreement. The San Antonio-based Cruising Kitchens previously built food trucks for celebrities such as DJ Khaled and Gordon Ramsay.

Cruising Kitchens created a food truck for Mensah-Stock’s mother after learning about the wrestler’s plans during the Olympics. The gold medalist intended to use $30,000 of her prize money to fulfill her mother’s dream of owning a food truck.

Davies was inspired by Mensah-Stock. He decided to donate a $250,000 food truck to the family.

“When I saw the story I knew this was something we could do for her mom, that it would change her life,” he told USA Today.

Paul Wall made his way to Cruising Kitchens over the weekend and presented the gift to Wells. An overjoyed Mensah-Stock hugged him, Davies and others.

“There should be more nice people like [Davies],” Mensah-Stock told USA Today.

Check out Paul Wall’s Grill below.