Pete Davidson Hopes Kanye Will Dress Up As Female Housekeeper To See His Kids

Pete Davidson had some weird jokes for Kanye West over the weekend. The “SNL” star compared Yeezus to “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Read more!

Pete Davidson broke his silence on his feud with Kanye West during a stand-up show on Friday.

“The King of Staten Island” star took to the stage as part of the “Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival” held at the Hollywood Bowl, where he took aim at some of the rapper’s recent comments about him.

The pair have been feuding online since Pete started dating Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, last year.

“How is your year going?” he began, kicking off with the rumor Kanye started that Pete has AIDS.

Pete sarcastically called the “Stronger” artist a “genius” for igniting the speculation before relating, “(Comedian) John Mulaney said, ‘He said you have AIDS? You should say he has polio.'”

Pete then joked about Kanye’s issues with his custody arrangement with Kim over their four children.

Referencing the 1993 movie about a divorced man who dresses up as a female babysitter to spend more time with his kids, he joked, “Am I the only one who secretly hopes Kanye will go full ‘Mrs. Doubtfire?'”