Pete Davidson Parodies Drake And Andre 3000 In SNL Skits

Pete Davidson turns into a rapper in his new SNL sketches.

(AllHipHop News) Pete Davidson participated in Saturday Night Live’s first remote episode, which featured host Tom Hanks and musical guest Chris Martin, who all recorded from their own homes.

Davidson’s sketches this week were both music videos, where the comedian channeled his inner musician and took on Drake and Andre 3000.

Davidson’s “Drake” music video, directed by his mom, was a parody of Champagne Papi’s new video for “Toosie Slide.”

Davidson sported similar gear that Drake wore in the video and attempted to do his version of the “Toosie Slide” dance.

“This is a Drake song, I miss my ex this is a Drake song. Number one on the Billboard, number one of the billboard,” he sang as he walked around his mom’s basement, doing a mini-tour as Drake does in the video.

Pete Davidson then switched it up with “Andre 2000,” a more upbeat song where he did nothing but flex $2,000.

“I got $2,000. I got $2,000. It looks like a lot in the video, but it’s only $2,000,” he rapped. Towards the end sang, “Andre 2000, call me Andre 2000 what. Andre 2000, can’t afford 3000.”

Watch Pete Davidson in “Andre 2000” down below.