Pharrell Williams Is Now The Style Director Of Woolworths


Pharrell has yet another day job. Besides being a coach on NBC’s The Voice and having a partnership with adidas, he has been appointed as the style director of  sustainability-focused projects in South Africa, BBC reports.

“Williams is a global icon for social cohesion, advancement through education and environmental awareness,” said Ian Moir, the CEO of Woolworths, at a press conference in Johannesburg. “These same values lie at the heart of our business and from the foundation on which this partnership is built. We hope Pharrell will help us make sustainability cool for the next generation of South Africans and help us create a better future for our children, our country and our planet.”

For one of the sustainability-focused projects, students will have the chance to participate in a t-shirt design competition where they will use recycled plastic waste for the designs. Pharrell will then pick his favorites to be sold in Woolworths stores. In September, the Grammy-award winner will also host a concert where South African students will be chosen to sing with him.

Skateboard P is also collaborating with MySchool to raise $100,000 for South African schools.