Pimp C’s Son Denounces The New Posthumous Album Effort


pimp c chad butler jrPimp C has a new album – Long Live The Pimp – coming out this Friday, which has gotten rave reviews, but Pimp C’s eldest son is not pleased.

Chad Butler Jr., the namesake of the late rapper issued a statement saying that he and brother Corey Butler are not participants in the album at all. That means financially or creatively.

“I want Pimp C fans to know that his family – myself and my younger brother Corey Butler – had no part in the creation of this ‘new’ Pimp C album and don’t receive any of the benefits from album sales. The only person who benefits is his wife Chinara (Butler), who doesn’t return phone calls or communicate with us at all, and possibly our sister Christian, but even that is debatable. My father was always supportive of myself and my brother, and I know he wouldn’t want us to be forgotten as a part of his legacy.” – Chad Butler Jr. 

Before the Thanksgiving break, Chinara had debuted the album to the media, with the majority of the feedback being praise for Long Live The Pimp.

In previous statements, Chinara has maintained she spearheaded the project.

In a statement, she said, “This album is the culmination of years of work from not just me, but also the amazing artists and producers who contributed to make it happen. It combines several of the ideas and projects my husband began before his untimely passing. We hope the Trill fans enjoy it.”