Plies Says America Fears Kamala Harris Because She’s A Black Woman

Plies Kamala Harris

The “Shawty” rapper backs up the VP.

There has been a lot of discussion in the political media about President Joe Biden running for re-election at 80 years old. Florida-bred rapper Plies believes the worry about Biden’s age has more to do with his possible successor, Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden heads into the 2024 United States presidential election as the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. Vice-President Kamala Harris is expected to join Biden on the ticket once again.

However, some pundits think Biden could drop Kamala Harris as his running mate in 2024. Plies went on X to share his thoughts on the supposed concern about Biden’s age and the negative feelings for the VPOTUS.

“The reason this age thing is front & center with Biden is [because] who he appointed as his successor!” posted Plies on the morning of September 14.

He also added, “It’s one of America’s biggest fears & that’s a woman running this country. Let alone one of color! It’s not about Kamala Harris it’s more about two things America FEARS! Women & color.”

Plies is not the only rapper to see his name connected to the VP over the last week. Kamala Harris recently hosted a Hip-Hop 50th Anniversary celebration in DC which featured Common, Lil Wayne, and more.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Kamala Harris’s current approval rating sits at 39.5%. Joe Biden has a 40.9 approval rating at the moment. The Biden-Harris campaign won in 2020 with 51.3% of the popular vote and 306 Electoral College votes.