Plies Raises Thought-Provoking Questions About Donald Trump’s Presidential Eligibility 

President Donald Trump Holds Press Briefing

Plies claimed an average citizen wouldn’t get a fast-food job if they were facing the same charges as Donald Trump.

Plies wants to know why Donald Trump is still eligible to run for president while facing a stack of charges when your average citizen wouldn’t get a job at a fast-food restaurant if they were on bond for multiple RICO charges.  

The “I Got Motion” hitmaker took to X (formerly) Twitter Wednesday (August 23) to share his thoughts.  

“How U Can Be Facing 230 Years In Prison & Out On 4 Bonds. An Still Can Run For The Highest Office In The Land The President Of The United States Of America,” he asked. “But Couldn’t Get A Job At @ChickfilA If U Was Facing Them Same Charges!!” 

In a follow-up post, Plies clarified his point, explaining that he’s not questioning Donald Trump running for office. Instead, he wants to know why an average person with Trump’s charges couldn’t get a job frying burgers. He also queried why everybody seemed to be okay with it.  

“What I Don’t Understand Is How If U Was Facing The Same Charges U Couldn’t Get A Job At @ChickfilA Or Anywhere Else!” he added. “So How Can Anyone Be Cool With Hiring Someone Facing The Same Charges To Become The President Of The United States?” 

Authorities promised Trump will be treated like any other detainee following his indictment last week, his fourth so far.  

“Unless somebody tells me differently, we are following our normal practices,” Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat told reporters. “It doesn’t matter your status. We have a mugshot ready for you.” 

In a recent interview on V-103 Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis insisted Trump won’t get special treatment.  

“If the law has been broken then we have a duty and responsibility to bring charges,” she explained. “No one is beneath the protection of the law and no one is above the law.” 

Donald Trump has until noon today (August 25), to surrender himself to authorities in Fulton County.