Police Basically Say Carlee Russell Lied About Being Abducted

Carlee Russell

The good news is Carlee Russell is home safe. The bad news is the police charge she lied in her tale of abduction.

Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell, a 25-year-old nursing student, was reported missing for a period of two days. After coming home safe, she informed the police that she had been abducted, but Alabama officials stated on Wednesday that no evidence of a crime has been found.

Hoover PD officials have reported concerning findings regarding Carlee Russell’s phone and work computer prior to her disappearance. These findings include searches such as “what’s the maximum age of an amber alert” and “the movie Taken.” Officials have expressed their request for another interview with Russell, which has not yet been granted.

According to the family, they informed the police that due to Russell’s mental state, she is currently unable to communicate. During the Carlee Russell press conference, several key points were highlighted. The authorities have no evidence to suggest that there is a threat to public safety in relation to this case, despite Carlee’s claims of being kidnapped.

Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis stressed investigators have been unable to corroborate most of Russell’s claims about being captured. Additionally, there were searches related to the Birmingham bus station and bus tickets from Birmingham to Nashville.

Russell vanished on Thursday night after calling 911 to report the sighting of a toddler on an Alabama interstate. She returned home on foot two days later, attracting national attention. Upon her return, Russell provided a brief statement to the police, but further questioning was not pursued out of respect for her and her family.

“We have requested a second interview with Carlee, but our request has not been granted,” stated Derzis. “There remain numerous unanswered questions, and only Carlee can provide the answers.”

On top of that, the Hoover Police Department confirmed on Wednesday that no evidence of a child on the highway has been found. Despite multiple vehicles passing through the area on Thursday night, the department did not receive any additional 911 calls regarding a toddler on Interstate 459.

While engaged in the phone conversation with a dispatcher concerning the toddler, Russell covered a distance of approximately 600 yards in her car, equivalent to about six football fields, according to Derzis. She informed the dispatcher that a child wearing a white shirt and a diaper was present on the highway.

“It’s difficult for me to comprehend how a barefoot toddler, potentially 3 or 4 years old, could travel six football fields without entering the roadway or crying,” Derzis remarked.

On Wednesday, the police played audio from Russell’s 911 call, in which she stated that she was following the child in her car. Russell assured the dispatcher that she would keep an eye on the boy until the arrival of the police.

The police say that created a timeline of the entire matter, along with other evidence and it simply doesn’t add up.

According to Derzis, while Carlee Russell was on the phone with a dispatcher regarding the toddler, she drove her car for approximately 600 yards, equivalent to about six football fields. During the call, she informed the dispatcher that there was a child wearing a white shirt and a diaper on the highway.

Derzis expressed his disbelief, saying, “To think that a barefoot toddler, possibly 3 or 4 years old, could cover a distance of six football fields without entering the roadway or crying, it’s incredibly difficult for me to comprehend.”

Following her conversation with the dispatcher, Carlee Russell ended the call and connected with a relative. During their conversation, the family member experienced a loss of contact with Russell, but the line remained open, as stated by Hoover Police Lt. Daniel Lowe during a news conference on Friday.

Subsequently, Russell’s mother contacted the police and relayed that Russell had been speaking to a relative who heard her scream.

Hoover officers promptly arrived at the scene within five minutes of being dispatched. However, Russell was no longer present. Her car, cellphone, wig, and purse were discovered by the officers, while her Apple Watch was found inside the bag.

Upon her return home on Saturday night, Russell briefly communicated with the police. However, since then, they have been unable to conduct another interview with her in the following days. She gave some information to officers.

According to Russell’s account to the police, a man emerged from the woods and muttered that he was checking on the child. She informed the officers that the man then forcibly took her over a fence and into a vehicle.

Russell recalled that the next thing she remembers is being in the trailer of a truck with the man, who had orange hair, accompanied by a woman. She also mentioned hearing the sound of a crying baby.

Additionally, Russell informed the police that she managed to escape at some point but was subsequently recaptured and placed in a car while blindfolded. She stated that she was not physically restrained, as her alleged captors claimed they did not want to leave any marks on her wrists.

The police are not buying the story she is selling.

Police built a whole timeline of events leading up to Russell’s disappearance. 

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