Police Investigate Ed Sheeran’s Rapping Cousin After Threats Clear Magazine Office


(AllHipHop News) Ed Sheeran’s cousin’s love for hip-hop is so great, it’s landed him under investigation.

Ed’s cousin is a rapper who goes by the name of Alonestar.

His trouble’s started last Friday (March 10), when he hosted a record release party at a bar in London.

A writer for Essex Magazine wrote a brutal review, claiming Alonestar was simply trying to ride the coattails of his famous cousin Ed, who currently has nine hit singles on the UK charts.

Alonestar, born Jethro Sheeran, was p##### with the article, and sent messages to writers at Essex, claiming he was going to come up to the building with members of the infamous “G####” gang to “chop it up.”

“This is a massive worry. For any artist to take such exception to a review is ridiculous,” said Essex’s editor, Matthew Mattino.


The threats from Ed’s rapping cousin, whose father is Ed’s dad’s brother, were taken serious.

So much so that the police made the staff at Essex Magazine pack up and go home for the day.

The cops are involved and they are investigating Alonestar’s threats.