Polo G In Shock Over Shooting Death Of Best Friend BMoney 1300

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Rap star Polo G revealed his best friends BMoney, someone he’s known since the sandbox days, was shot and killed in Chicago over the weekend.

Another weekend of violence in Chicago has claimed the life of a close associate of rapper Polo G.

The rap star’s childhood friend BMoney 1300 was shot and killed.

According to reports, B Money had relocated to Los Angeles to avoid the pitfalls of street life in the Windy City.

He returned home to attend an event, but he was tragically gunned down during his brief time in the city.

BMoney 1300’s murder had a big impact on Polo G.

He was frequently on stage alongside Polo G acting as a hype man, and traveled around the world with the rapper.

Polo G eulogized his childhood friend in a post on social media.

“My Lil Brotha Man on Gucci I can’t see myself doin this s### w out you broski Ik I’ll neva meet a n#### like u again one of the realest n##### I eva met in my life I always made sure I reminded u of that you was,” Polo G somberly said.

Polo G labeled BMoney 1300 the “heart of the hood,” and said he lit up any room he walked into with his infectious smile and swag.


“You was the very 1st n#### to eva show me support in this s### when wasn’t nobody stuntin this s### fr u let me kno I could do it & had my back all the way my 1st shows my 1st videos the s### I 1st recorded u was the 1st to hear it dis s### stretch all the way to the sandbox doe befo this rap s###,” Polo G said in his tribute post.

“We was Just Rockin stages & hoppin off jets broski shìt ain’t posed to b like this yk imma turn up fa u doe fasho I love u broski just watch Ova me broski I got u man,” Polo G concluded.

This weekend, five people were shot and killed in Chicago, while 40 people were injured in another bloody weekend ruined by gun violence.

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