Polo G Responds To Rumors He Sold His Soul To Baphomet

The Midwesterner has some choice words for anyone claiming he joined the occult.

(AllHipHop News) Illuminati conspiracy theories about Hip Hop artists have spread across the world for decades. Polo G appears to be one of the latest rap stars to have his name thrown into the secret society rumor mill.

“I just wanna know why people wanna say that I sold my soul,” said Polo in a TikTok video. “Like where the f*ck? I watch my son and go to the studio. Where the f*ck would I find time to do some sh*t like that?”

Apparently, the cover art for Polo’s The Goat album had some theorists questioning if the 21-year-old Chicago representative was covertly acknowledging his so-called turn towards the dark side. He addressed the image in his vid.

“‘Oh the goat and goat horns, it signifies the Baphomet.’ Half y’all a#### wouldn’t even know how to f*cking spell Baphomet if it wasn’t for autocorrect, you stupid b*tch,” declared Polo.

The “sold his soul” gossip likely got a boost in recent months because Polo earned his highest-charting album when The Goat peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart. It currently sits at #9 after five weeks on the tally.

Polo G seems to be aware that when entertainers are attached to the half-human/half-animal occult deity known as Baphomet that is typically a sign of growing fame. He wrote on TikTok, ” I mean [I guess] that mean I really made it when they say sh*t like that .”