Pooh Shiesty Comments On Reports He Was Robbed For $40,000

Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty is denying reports he was robbed over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend.

Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty went viral over the weekend after allegedly getting 40 racks jacked from him at the Miami strip club, Kings of Diamond.

A video started to circulate on various social media platforms showing him performing at a concert, commotion, a security detail, and then the artist looking disheveled with someone exclaiming, “They hit him for his money. They done attacked Pooh Shiesty. They jacked Pooh Shiesty! They took his money.”

The taunting continued, “They done jacked his b#### ass in this b####.”

“Ooo… look at him running.”

Pooh Shiesty took to his Instastory to set the records straight. He posted, “FALSE ALLEGATIONS NOTHING NEVER BEEN TOOK FROM ME.”

Some other videos, in the midst of helter-skelter, note that there was a shooting inside of the establishment and mentions that someone allegedly was shot and killed.

The 2021 BET Awards have nominated Pooh Shiesty Best New Artist and while he may be #1 with a bullet on Urban Mainstream radio, his popularity may be linked to more than the music.

In October of 2020, the cops said Pooh Shiesty and an accomplice shot two victims after a deal over drugs and expensive sneakers went bad.

He has also been a trending topic for the entirety of May.

First there were allegations that he is in a sexual relationship with a transgender woman, claims he vehemently denies.

Then with the end of his beef with Kodak Black, a reconciliation that made ripples in the Hip-Hop pond for the good.

As the story develops about the most recent incident, AllHipHop.com will keep you informed.