Pop Smoke Killers Escape The Death Penalty

Pop Smoke

The D.A. in Los Angeles has provided an update in the murder of Pop Smoke. And the decision has left much of his fanbase in an uproar! Read on!

A collective cultural cry was let out as reports emerge that the Los Angeles County deputy district attorney will not pursue the death penalty in the Pop Smoke murder case.

According to the New York Daily News during a morning briefing on Tuesday, July 6, Deputy DA Hillary Williams said, “Our office is not going to be seeking death on this case, but we are going to be asking for a lot.”

There was only one adult, Corey Walker, suspected charged with the Brooklyn rapper’s (whose real name is Bashar Jackson) murder.

The 20-year-old has been asked to return to the court on Wednesday, July 7 after special documents are filed on his behalf regarding this new decision.

He will then enter an updated plea regarding his role in the February 2020 killing.

According to the May preliminary hearing, it was revealed that Walker and three others plotted to rob Pop Smoke when the chart-topping rapper was about to go to sleep in his rented Airbnb mansion in Hollywood Hills.

Because the Woo member was not letting them just take his stuff, one of the intruders (a 15-year-old minor) shot and killed him stealing only his diamond-encrusted Rolex watch, a piece of jewelry that they were only able to hock for $2,000.

To add insult to the injury, he kicked him while he lied on the floor bleeding.

Walker was charged with murder with the special circumstance allegation because it happened during the commission of a robbery and a burglary. His lawyer maintains that he was just the driver.

“He’s clearly not an aider and abettor of premeditated murder,” Darden protested. “At most, he’s a principal in a robbery… He’s a driver. He is outside.”

This story is developing … however, people are p##### that they won’t feel the full extent of the law rendered in his sentencing.

His second posthumous album is simply titled Pop Smoke and will be released on July 16.

Music or not, @_liindss said it best …

“We need pop smoke back. Wtf”