Post Malone Accused Of Stealing His Big Hit “Circles”

Post Malone has denied he left a songwriter out of his glory for writing his hit song “Circles.”

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(AllHipHop News) Rap star Post Malone is facing legal action over the songwriting credits for his hit single “Circles.”

Tyler Armes claims he teamed up with the hip-hop sensation in the summer of 2018 to create what became “Circles,” insisting he co-wrote the chords and bass line, and also contributed to the guitar melody and other aspects of the track.

The song became a global chart smash last year, but Armes was never given proper recognition for the tune – and now he’s suing both Post and producer Frank Dukes, who was present for the collaboration session and was given a co-writing credit.

In court papers, the plaintiff alleges he had been in negotiations with Post’s team officials about his compensation shortly before “Circles” was released in late August, 2019, and was offered five percent of publishing royalties – although he wouldn’t be listed as a writer.

He tried to fight for more, in addition to the co-writing credit, but was shut down – and when the song dropped, Armes’ name wasn’t mentioned at all.

According to the legal filing, Armes has a written exchange with Post’s manager about the dispute, reportedly noting the rapper’s acknowledgment of his input into the creation of “Circles.”

He is demanding a co-writing credit and a fair cut of past and future royalties. Post Malone has denied the claims.