Post Malone’s Fiancée Turned Down His Drunken Proposal

Post Malone

Post Malone revealed his fiance turned down this proposal because he was too drunk when he popped the question!

Post Malone has admitted that his fiancée initially turned down his proposal because he was “hammered.”

During an episode of Alex Cooper’s podcast Call Her Daddy, the musician confessed that when he proposed to his girlfriend, whose name is unknown, two years ago in Las Vegas, she initially turned him down.

“I had lost a significant amount of money at the table, and we go upstairs and I’m, like, off my rocker hammered,” the rapper, real name Austin Post, recalled.

“I was like, ‘Hey, you wanna marry me? I got a ring and all this stuff,’” the 28-year-old remembered of the moment. “And then she said no.”

Post Malone went on to say that his then-girlfriend was willing to give him a second chance and suggested that he ask her again the next day.

“She’s like ‘Ask me tomorrow,’” he told the podcast host. “And then I did. And I was sober and it was nice.”

The New York native added that his mystery fiancée was “right” to turn down his inebriated proposal. “I’m just a terrible arbiter of romanticism, I guess,” he joked.

During the episode, the rapper confirmed that he and his partner are not yet married. When speaking about their impending nuptials, he said, “Dance moves are gonna be hopefully popping.”

He also teased that the décor will feature “lots of camouflage,” and he plans to wear a camouflage suit, one of which he already owns.

Last year, Post Malone announced that he and his partner had welcomed a baby girl in May 2022. Her name has not been revealed.