Pusha T Interviews Desiigner About His Inspirations, Upcoming Album & More


(AllHipHop News) G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T was the person responsible for signing Desiigner to the label.

Since then, Pusha helped the Brooklyn performer become one of the breakout newcomers of 2016.

That professional connection continued when both artists took part in a recent Q&A for Interview magazine.

King Push played the role of journalist by asking Desiigner questions about his inspirations, upcoming album, and more.

On artists that inspire him:

PUSHA T: [laughs] Are there any artists, any particular artists that inspire you? I hear so many different things in your music, and it ain’t just rap, it ain’t just trap. I hear melodies, I hear R&B. I’ve been working with you, man, and I hear so many different things.

DESIIGNER: If anything, I would consider my grandfather. He’s a blues player. I like the old soul—you know how it is, Pusha, that old soul. My grandfather, he went by the name Sidney “Guitar Crusher” Selby; he formed that old soul, that old blues, that old rock that I put on my songs. He bluesed it out. And my pops, he was old-school, too; he played that old funk. I fell in love with that old style. You feel me?

On his album:

PUSHA T: I hope you know that you win, man. Because a lot of people can’t be real with themselves and show their true selves. The album, tell everybody, what can they expect?

DESIIGNER: It’s going to be a whole lot of visuals. It’s creativity on top of creativity. Merchandise, tours … It’s going to be crazy. The Life of Desiigner, baby, that’s the name of the album.

Read the full Pusha T/Desiigner interview here.