Pusha T Responds After Ukraine’s Ministry Of Defense Quote His Lyrics In “Combat Losses” Chart 

Pusha T began trending after the official Twitter account for Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence quoted lyrics from “Numbers On The Board.”

Pusha T has responded to the Ukraine Ministry of Defense after they used his lyrics to celebrate wins over Russia in the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. 

On Wednesday morning (Sept. 7), Ukraine decided to tweet a chart illustrating Russia’s losses in the war. While Vladimir Putin insists Russia “has lost nothing” from the war, Ukraine shared an infographic showing how high the death toll has been for Russia. Bizarrely, they also used lyrics from Pusha’s 2013 track “Numbers On The Board,” taken from his debut solo project My Name Is My Name

“I put numbers on the boards,” The Ukraine Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter, tagging Pusha T. “Total combat losses of the enemy from Feb 24 to Sep 7:” 

According to the chart, Russia has sustained heavy losses since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. They claim to have destroyed 2,07 tanks, 4,520 armored combat vehicles, 1,194 artillery units, and 3,320 vehicles and fuel tanks. They also list losses for rocket launcher systems, air defense systems, military jets, drones, and many others. Additionally, General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s report states that 50,610 Russian personnel have been eliminated. 

Pusha T Responds To Ukraine Defense Team

Pusha T responded some hours later, opting to comment on Ukraine’s musical preferences rather than the combat losses.  

“Great taste in music for the win…” King Push penned.  

Many Twitter users were left stunned at Ukraine posting Pusha T lyrics to celebrate war victories. Check out some of the reactions below. 

“The fact that there’s a Ukrainian intern somewhere designing digital assets to display a body count from war in a friendly looking format is f###### wild to me. We not even gone talk about the @PUSHA_T Quote…🐐” 

“this is so f###### unserious imagine being an 18 year old russian conscript existing and you get f###### vaporized by an artillery shell and your life ends up as a statistic on an official ukrainian gov tweet with a PUSHA T QUOTE” 

“Never thought I would see Pusha T bars being used to describe a war”