Quality Control Acquired By Scooter Braun’s HYBE For Reported $300 Million 

Quality Control Coach K Pierre P Thomas

Scooter Braun called Quality Control “one of the most significant independent labels in the world,” and their artists, “voices of culture.” 

Quality Control has been acquired for a reported $300 million in the first major deal orchestrated by Scooter Braun since he took over as sole CEO of HYBE America last month. 

The company is the US division of South Korean entertainment giant HYBE which houses several labels and is home to a slew of K-pop acts, including BTS. 

Quality Control co-founders CEO Pierre “P” Thomas and COO Kevin “Coach K” Lee shared their excitement at the deal.  

“P and I are ecstatic about this partnership with Scooter and HYBE and are confident they can get us to our global ambitions we’ve had in our scope since the beginning of our company as nothing means more than our artists impacting world-wide,” Coach K stated.  

Pierre “P” Thomas added, “HYBE are perfect partners for Quality Control as we come together to take our story and work global. … Taking QC worldwide requires key partners like this who understand building something from the bottom and aiming sky high. It matters to us greatly their grasp of culture and acutely seeing what QC has built and the limitless path of where it can go. … The artists of QC are our focus and their best interests will be incredibly supported with this partnership.” 

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Scooter Braun Calls Quality Control Artists “The Voices of Culture”

Quality Control has churned out hits as the home to artists, including Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, and City Girls.  

Scooter Braun said he is “so proud and honored to have Coach and P join Bang and myself as our partners. “QC is one of the most significant independent labels in the world, working with incredible artists who are, and remain to be, the voices of culture.” 

He recalled a discussion over 20 years ago with Coach K about “dreams and ambitions.” “We said: ‘If they let us in the game, we are never going to give it back’. Now, all these years later, we are joining forces to make these dreams a reality.  

Braun added, “It’s important to my team and me that P and Coach continue to have the freedom, and now our global resources, to continue to do what they do best; facilitate and nurture great art and culture.”