UPDATE: Quando Rondo Avoids Death In Los Angeles; Affiliates Lul Pab And Fendi Killed

Quando Rondo

An affiliate of rapper Quando Rondo was shot and killed in L.A. during a brazen, daylight shooting, capping off a deadly week for the rapper.

Rapper Quando Rondo was targeted in a shooting yesterday (August 19th) in Los Angeles across from the Beverly Center, which left one of his associates dead.

The Savannah, Georgia, rapper was traveling in a Cadillac Escalade around 5:30 P.M yesterday. 

When they stopped to get gas, a team of three hitmen in a white vehicle rolled up on the SUV and began firing at least 15 rounds at the rapper and his entourage.

Quando Ronda and his associates attempted to flee, but an associate of the rapper named Lul Pab was hit and mortally wounded. The rapper and his friends rushed Lul Pab to a local hospital but eventually succumbed to his wounds. 

Police are still looking for the three men who pulled off the brazen, broad daylight murder.

“We don’t see any kind of argument or anything go on beforehand, so clearly, these men came here with a mission in mind,” Lieutenant John Radtke of the LAPD told Fox News Channel 11.  

On August 18th, another affiliate of Quando Rondo was shot and killed on the streets of Savannah.

Phoenix Odom, AKA Fendi, was shot Thursday morning. The 22-year-old died from a single gunshot wound on West 38th Street.

Last week, reports surfaced that Quando Rondo had been rushed to an area hospital, where he was fighting for his life.

However, those reports turned out to be false when the 23-year-old rapper and protege of NBA YoungBoy took to social media to dispel the rumors.

Quando Rondo has been in a long-running feud with Chicago rappers like Lil Durk and 600Breezy, due to his involvement in the murder of King Von.

King Von was killed during a brawl outside of an Atlanta area hookah bar in November of 2020 by an affiliate of Quando Rondo named Timothy “Lul Tim” Leek.

Since then, Quando Rondo and his crew have been involved in several altercations, including a wild shootout at a convenience store in Blackshear, Georgia.

Meanwhile, Quando Rondo’s Twitter account is flooded with messages after a cryptic post that seemed to anticipate his shooting.

“Once it happen I ain’t gone be mad cuz I already been prepared for it really really !” Quando Rondo tweeted on August 16th.