Prosecutors Reportedly Want Court To Revoke Quando Rondo’s Bond

Officials have concern about the severity the rapper’s drug use.

The Savannah District Attorney’s Office has reportedly filed a motion with the Chatham County Superior Court to have Quando Rondo’s bond revoked.

The request is centered around a Wednesday (July 19) car crash in Savannah, Georgia on the Truman Parkway at White Bluff Road. The court believes the rapper poses a threat to the public.

According to WJCL, the court said the Atlantic Records artist was “observed traveling at a high rate of speed and ultimately crashed his vehicle into another vehicle. Emergency services responded to the scene and the defendant was administered Narcan as he was exhibiting signs of an overdose.”

Authorities also said they believed Quando Rondon was out of sorts, even after they took him to the hospital. They claimed “he became belligerent with hospital staff and ultimately had to be sedated.”

A bond was initially set for $100,000 in June after he was arrested on drug and gang charges.

The prosecution claimed Quando Rondo was a flight risk and a danger to the community. They called him the “leader” of the Rolling 60s Crips in Savannah. Now, he’ll face additional traffic charges on top of his other legal troubles.

Quando Rondo, whose real name is Tyquian Bowman, was charged earlier this year with two counts of conspiracy to violate Georgia’s controlled substances act, one count of participating in criminal activity in association with a street gang and one count of use of communication facility in commission of a felony involving controlled substances.