Quavo Puts Saweetie’s Bentley Christmas Gift Up For Sale

Offset and Saweetie

Quavo officially listed the Bentley he bought for Saweetie up for sale!

After their breakup, Quavo and Saweetie stayed in the news.

The relationship ended on a sour note after the rapper was caught on video dragging Saweetie in a fight over a Call of Duty box.

Another one of the topics that fans seem to be really interested in was this 2020 Bentley Continental that the Migos star gifted his ex for Christmas.

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But shortly after their split, it was rumored that Quavo had repossed the pricey gift. He confirmed as much on Migos song “Having Our Way” from their hit album Culture III.

“Havin’ my way, now this s### like a business/load up the bases, now I feel like Cal Ripken/She had it her way now out a Bentley (skrrt),” Quavo rapped.

Now, the Bentley back in the news as reports have confirmed that the “Stir Fry” rapper is selling the vehicle.

According to TMZ, the GTC V8 convertible has only 2,191 is going for $279,888, and will be sold as a luxury vehicle.

The site also noted that the car was always on a lease. Quavo never bought it flat out. He worked out a deal with the car dealership where he could end his contract with them earlier than the originally agreed-upon time.

Saweetie was quick to bounce back with another head-turning car. Earlier this week, she posted pictures of her brand new

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The two don’t seem to be bothered about the car and are living their lives. According to Instagram, Quavo will join his group at Drais in Las Vegas on July 2.

Meanwhile, Saweetie is on her “cancer szn” vibe.

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