Quavo Talks Raising His Nephew Takeoff

Takeoff Quavo

“Anything I’m with, he’s with.”

The Hip Hop world lost Kirsnick “Takeoff” Ball to gun violence on November 1, 2022. The Migos member’s groupmate/relative, Quavo, continues to mourn the late Georgia-bred rapper.

In fact, Quavo plans to release a body of work dedicated to his nephew. He has described his forthcoming Rocket Power album as a form of therapy to deal with losing Takeoff.

“This album is a true reflection of how I feel right now. Sometimes I’m Good, sometimes I’m Down, sometimes I’m Disappointed, sometimes I fall apart but then I ALWAYS find my strength again,” wrote Quavo on Instagram.

The Gwinnett County representative also added, “I know everything might not be alright right now, but the rocket showed me a way to make it RIGHT!” Quavo returned to Instagram to share a video message about Takeoff.

“I understand he means a lot to y’all, lyrically and musically, but this is my nephew,” stated Quavo about Takeoff. “I raised this man. So, can’t nobody tell me how to love, what to talk about, what to say, what to do, how to do it. Anything I’m with, he’s with.”

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Takeoff and Quavo officially joined forces as a duo to drop 2022’s Only Built for Infinity Links collaborative album. Prior to that, Quavo released his first solo LP Quavo Huncho in 2018.

Takeoff’s The Last Rocket also landed that same year. Both rappers contributed to multiple Migos projects such as the chart-topping Culture and Culture II. The original Culture also earned a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.

Fellow Migos member Offset recently talked about Takeoff too. A cover story for Variety magazine included Offset confirming Takeoff will have a posthumous appearance on his upcoming sophomore album.

In that feature article, Offset also discussed not being blood-related to Takeoff and Quavo. There have been reports of bad blood between Offset and Quavo since Takeoff’s passing, including an alleged altercation backstage at the 2023 Grammy Awards.