Queen Latifah Turned To The Bible To Stop Drinking and Drugging After Her Brother Was Killed


(AllHipHop News) Queen Latifah turned to the Bible for comfort after her brother was killed in a motorcycle accident.

The rapper-turned-actress was 22 when her older brother, Lancelot Jr., died, and she felt terrible guilt because she had bought him the bike he was riding at the time.

She also turned her back on God, telling the new issue of Simple Grace magazine the tragedy left her spiraling out of control in a world of drugs and alcohol.

“That loss, man, I was rocked to the core,” Latifah tells the publication. “I felt guilty because I got angry at God. But you know, he loves me anyway, even though I’m no saint and I’m far from perfect.

“Understanding that God never leaves us helped me realize my brother was in a better place. In life, you’ll go through ups and downs, but you will come back up eventually.”

The tragedy and her Bible studies made the “Chicago” star a much more present person, less controlled by work.

“My schedule can be so full, it would be overwhelming,” she explains. “So I’ve come to learn the importance of staying in the moment and being present where I am. I focus on all of life’s joyful little things like a good meal or an unexpected text from a loved one.

“The now is where God is, where you can feel his love the most. And knowing that, feeling love like that in your heart, gives you comfort and peace to keep on fighting the good fight.”

Latifah is currently promoting her new film “Girls Trip,” which hits U.S. cinemas on July 21.