Queens Rapper Grafh Drops New Video For Single “Trap Phone Ringin”

Grafh Trap Phone Ringin


(AllHipHop News) Queens-bred rapper Grafh drops a gritty new visual for his summer single “Trap Phone Ringin,” produced by Freeze On Da Beat, off of his current project Painkillers Reloaded.

The new video, directed by MaxxWayne and Nyjee Evans, shows a glimpse of the dark side of the “trap” lifestyle as portrayed by the East Coast artist.

“The world is numb. You are distracted and detached from everything all day. You’re programmed not to feel, to never truly experience anything. Painkillers normally numb the pain, but you’re already numb. I just want you to take this and feel again,” Grafh explained to AllHipHop.com.

His business partner Maxx Wayne turned that idea into the concept for his new video “Trap Phone Ringin.”

We suggest you read the plot before looking at the video:

In order to restore the feeling in his city, the scientist in the video creates a pill out of a chemical potion and Grafh’s blood. Grafh and MaxxWayne then distribute the gold pills to their squad to hit the streets with. The gold pills are a reflection of the music and the feeling that’s missing from the game.

“We’re just here to restore the feeling again,” Grafh says. Pain Killers: Reloaded is out now.

Grafh just came off of The Layers tour with Royce Da 5’9 and is now focused on a new tape with his Team Bang Dope Gang squad.

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