Quentin Miller Talks Fallout From Working With Nas On ‘King’s Disease II’ Album

Quentin Miller Nas

The behind-the-scenes contributor discusses his co-writing efforts.

Quentin Miller will go down as one of the most-talked-about “ghostwriters” in Hip Hop history. After coming into the public’s consciousness during the Meek Mill/Drake beef, Miller went on to assist other artists.

For example, Quentin Miller received a writing credit for “The Pressure” off Nas’s King’s Disease II album. That information sparked conversations about Nas, one of the GOAT emcee contenders, using writers for his songs.

Miller spoke about the fallout from his name appearing in the liner notes for King’s Disease II. According to the Atlanta native, the negative reactions to his efforts on King’s Disease II hurt his songwriting career.

Quentin Miller Suggests Ghostwriting Rumors Hurt Business Relationships

“I respect Nas and love Nas like any other rapper in this world. To get an opportunity to work with him and he’s telling me, ‘Yo man, you’re one of the dopest new rappers I’ve heard.’ I’m taking this in. This is a great thing,” Quentin Miller told VladTV.

He added, “You get the opportunity to work with somebody, and then, people find out. Then, they tear him down because he worked with you. Rather than look at you like, ‘Damn, you must be dope.’

The “Emerald_Freestyle” performer continued, “That’s what you expect. But it don’t turn out that way. It turns out they get burnt up, so they’re looking at you crazy. Then they want nothing to do with you at all.”

Q.M. Claims He Never Got Publishing Payments For His Work On Drake’s Verses

Back in 2015, reference tracks for songs like “R.I.C.O.” and “10 Bands” leaked. The recordings revealed Quentin Miller penned Drake’s verses on those songs. Those ghostwriting allegations fueled the Drake versus Meek Mill battle with Q.M. catching stray bullets in the process.

Quentin Miller recently discussed not getting publishing payments for his work on Drake’s music. According to the WDNG Crshrs member, his deal with record executive Tricky Stewart omitted a publisher’s credit for his contributions.

Additionally, Quentin Miller accused Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers crew of attacking him at a Los Angeles shoe store following the Drake controversy. The alleged incident did not involve the filing of a police report or an official investigation by local authorities.