R. Kelly Made Girlfriends Fight After He Caught Them Twerking

R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s trial for racketeering continued, with more wild testimony from some of his former employees. Read on!

R. Kelly instructed his victims to say, “I like it Daddy” during their sexual encounters.

At least, that is what one of the Jane Does, who went by the name, Faith said in her Tuesday, (August 31) testimony.

One of the first to say that he was not always a monster, she shared that he had two distinct sides that would come without warning.

“I got to see a compassionate side of him, an emotional side. He wasn’t always bad, he wasn’t always mean,” Faith shared. “There was times when he would flip …[and be] extremely calm [or be] super sexually hyper.”

She also described to jurors that he indeed pressured her to have sex with him and told her what to do and say in bed. The very first time that they had sex was early one morning in the 2000s at a hotel in Long Island, NY.

He arrived at her room near 6:00 am and took his clothes off. He told her to undress, say, “I like it, Daddy.” He would later scold her because he had to teach her how to please him. She added, “anything he told me was just constructive criticism to make me better, to make me more of a woman.”

What makes Faith’s testimony different is that she did not want to be an artist. She shared that she was not even a fan of the singer. Faith just was a young girl that he liked.

Faith was not the only person to testify. One of the more damning testimonies was from his former assistant, Suzette Mayweather. She worked for him from 2015 to 2016.

She told a story of him hosting a birthday party for one of the girls. According
to her testimony, one of his girlfriends was twerking with her friends, which made Kelly angry. He took the girls to another room and made them fight each other.

This lines up with other testimony about outlandish reprimands he would inflict on the girls if they made him upset or his strange code of conduct called “Robert’s Rules.”

One being that the girls, when entering into an elevator, had to face the wall. Other rules were that the girls could only cheer for him during basketball games, they could not leave certain rooms in his home without permission (even to go to the bathroom) and had to wear baggy clothes.

Mayweather noted that she cared for the young girls and tried to have a meaningful relationship with many. She said that she would take them to the mall or the spa when they needed to go.

In public spaces, Mayweather would negotiate their conversations with men because Kelly would not allow them to speak to men.

She also testified that she drove one of the then 40-year-old Kelly’s teenaged girlfriends to her high school graduation rehearsal in Florida in 2016.

The testimony resumes tomorrow.