Rapper 2G.Kaash Arrested On Murder Charges Thanks To CashApp


Detectives were able to use CashApp to link him to the death of the Texas man.

Authorities have arrested Texas rapper 2G.Kaash in Grand Prairie for murder charges connected to the killing of Khurram Ali in the city of Dallas.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the 33-year-old was shot on Jan. 19 and taken to the hospital to have his injuries treated. Unfortunately, Ali did not survive the assault and since then law enforcement has been building their case to detain the suspect.

An investigation into the shooting had testimony from two security guards that saw Ali engaged in some sort of exchange with the 20-year-old rapper. One guard said he saw Ali drop a trash bag out of his car and others come to pick it up before things went left. Surveillance footage obtained by a detective also shows the shooting.

Moreover, detectives, after searching Ali’s vehicle, discovered two cell phones with texts to someone with a CashApp profile of $Kaash2G. When the officers check Ali’s CashApp account he says that $Kaash2G had given him $60 for an Uber ride in December of 2022.

According to the affidavit, the two were texting each other about meeting up (time and location) and exchanging pictures of “what appear to be illegal narcotics.”

It also said the last text from that same number to the victim was received at 10:53 p.m. That message read, “You gone try to runoff on me?”

Detectives confirmed that the location in the text message was the same place he was killed and discovered from a friend he was meeting up with the rapper to cop some weed.

To further implicate the rapper in the death, handprints from the car matched 2G.Kaash, based on a national database.

2G.Kaash, whose real name is Ghazi Harris and is signed to Atlantic Records under Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang Records, was snatched up by the U.S. Marshals and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive for the murder during a concert at the Texas Trust CU Theatre on Friday, Feb. 24.

He has been denied bond.

This will also be the second time that 2G.Kaash has faced murder charges. Two years ago, he was arrested in February for the death of another man named Keenon Culver. A grand jury declined to indict him and so he never stood trial for this death.