Rapper Belly, The Weeknd Say “F Donald Trump” and Cancel Appearance On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Belly and R&B singer The Weeknd made a political statement last night (May 25), when they canceled their appearances on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show.

The two Canadian artists took issue with appearing alongside of Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump who was also on the show.

Even though Belly and The Weeknd cannot vote since they are not American citizens, the men wanted to take a stand against Donald Trump and his fiery, racist rhetoric.

The pair canceled a planned taped recording of their performances in Los Angeles that would have aired later in the evening on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“I feel like the way I was raised was to be able to see through all the titles in this world — from religion to race,” Belly told the AP in a statement. “I just didn’t want to feel like I was a part of a celebration for somebody who has beliefs that majority of us don’t agree with.”

Just yesterday before their planned appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Donald Trump made headlines for hurling insults at Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas), Hillary Trump (Crooked Hillary) and Bernie Sanders (Crazy Bernie).

The presidential candidate gloated over his insults during his appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and admitted to using aliases over the years and even challenged “Crazy Bernie” to a debate.