Rapper BTB Savage Fatally Shot Allegedly Over Social Media Post

Crime Scene

Artist’s death comes days after he spoke about an earlier death.

The Hip-Hop world is mourning the life of yet another young rising star— lost to the street life that he raps about in his music. Rapper BTB Savage was brutally killed on Thursday, March 30.

The death seems to be in retaliation for a murder of a person he claims tried to rob him and his girlfriend, and the disrespect he gave those grieving his enemy’s death. Hours before he was fatally shot, he posted a picture of himself allegedly standing in a pool of blood of the man he is rumored to have killed two months ago.

To see the graphic images too disrespectful for publishing, click here.

A passerby captured video footage of BTB Savage’s murder scene and posted it online. It appears to be a dead body on the ground that people believe to be the rapper.  Within minutes it went viral with people commenting on the death, payback, and notions of street karma.

According to sources, BTB Savage took to his social media and made posts where he bragged about killing the person.

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