Rapper D.R.A.M. Has Some Advice For Donald Trump


(AllHipHop News) Atlanta Rapper D.R.A.M. is touring on the success of his hit singles “Cha-Cha” and “Broccoli” which the newcomer is performing to sold out shows.

Just before his performance in Washington, D.C. last night (January 17), a U Street Music Hall,, D.R.A.M. stopped by WPGC 95.3 and showed off his political side.

D.R.A.M. offered an articulate answer when he was asked about how the nation will fare D.R.A.M. under President-elect Donald Trump.

“I see us literally being in good shape,” D.R.A.M. said. “As a nation we have been through things such as The Great Depression, Jim Crow and we are still here, feel me? Granted, the last eight years, it’s a whole lot of people in the nation that wasn’t approving of our previous president, so now that you got the other half, you know everybody’s happy. We’ll see.”

D.R.A.M. then offered some advice to the incoming POTUS.

“My words to that guy … Just don’t mess it up.” D.R.A.M. said.

D.R.A.M. is still in D.C., and is scheduled to make an appearance at Flash tonight (January 18).