Iggy Azalea Tells Fans No New Music Anytime Soon, She’s Busy Spending Her Money On Luxury Goods

Iggy Azalea

Fans take to Twitter to beg for new music after OnlyFans commercial drops.

The cyberworld lost their minds with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea launching her OnlyFans page at the top of the year. Sources have said within the first days of January 2023, she raked in millions on the app alone and so she’s decided to invest a whole lot of her attention into the enterprise—even dropping a video to get people to tune in.


Many thought the video was geared to promote new music.

One person asked, “When do you think Iggy is dropping the song?” and she replied, “I never said I was dropping a song babe. I just dropped a video advertising my onlyfans. Lollllllll.”


Another person asked, “Okay but… WE NEED THAT SONG.”

“Maybe one day I can’t promise anything tho! I haven’t actually started work on my album yet!” Iggy Azalea responded.


Her tone is a little different than a few weeks when someone tried to shame her for copping a brand new $661,185 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The “Fancy” rapper tweeted, “Please stop making up things to appease others. I dislike that. Stop trying to justify what I do with my own body by making this about music. I’m spending the money on cars, and boats & diamonds. And I don’t feel badly about it either.”


The person tweeted her, “Probably not a smart financial purchase if you’re a rapper that has to start an OnlyFans to supplement your non-existent music income. But hey congratulations!”

She replied, “Baby. With love. I’ve done 70 sold-out arena shows with Pitbull in the last two years. I sold a portion of my masters for eight figures less than three months ago. I have the same wealth manager as George Clooney. And yes, an OnlyFans. You’re boring!”


The chart-topper is doing well for herself. According to Music Times, in the last 10 years since bursting on the American scene, she has earned a net worth of $15 million and that seems to be rising with each subscription.