Rapper Killer Mike Honored By Georgia Lawmakers


(AllHipHop News) Rapper and activist Killer Mike has been honored by Georgia lawmakers for his efforts to improve the water system in his native Atlanta.

The Run The Jewels star, real name Michael Render, was invited to the Georgia State Capitol to meet with officials as he was applauded for his longtime activism and philanthropy work.

As he accepted the recognition, Killer Mike urged politicians to continue pushing to make the state better for future generations.

“Our children deserve decent housing,” he stated, according to local radio station WABE. “Our school systems deserve more attention. Our teachers deserve more money. Our firemen deserve more money. And our policemen deserve more than new guns. They deserve to have enough cops on the street to be involved in the community…

“The charge that I give all of us in this hall today is to make sure that Georgia remains an equitable place not only for water, but for education, for workers’ rights, for where we’re living.”

The hip-hop star, who had a massive city water drilling machine named in his honor in September, later reflected on the special visit in a post on Instagram, which he concluded with a message of thanks.

“Thank u to all I met with and greeted today,” he wrote. “Your hard work is not unnoticed and wether (sic) D or R (Democrat or Republican) I hope you fight to make Georgia solid for all Georgians.”