Lil Durk Explains Tight Friendship With Morgan Wallen Despite Racist Controversy

Lil Durk - Broadway Girls feat. Morgan Wallen

New interview shares the brotherhood between two entertainers with two totally different backgrounds.

Rapper Lil Durk has befriended American country singer, Morgan Wallen, and included him on his new project despite many calling the recording artist a racist.

In February 2021, Wallen was videotaped using the n-word during a drunken rant. The backlash was not as intense as some might think. While his label, according to CNN, suspended him and several radio stations stopped playing his music, his record sales skyrocketed.

He also was able to secure a friendship and feature with one of rap music’s brightest stars.

The friendship between Lil Durk and Wallen has not been widely celebrated but with the recent release of “Almost Healed,” an album that debuted in Billboard’s Top 3 (behind Wallen and Taylor Swift), the world gets to see the two buds come together through music.

The song Wallen is featured on is called “Stand By Me.”

Now, in an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles Times, Lil Durk is opening up about how the two became friends.

The country singer got on the Chicago rapper’s radar during the COVID-19 pandemic. The two dropped records in 2020. Durk dropped “The Voice” and Wallen released “Dangerous.” Wallen came in at #1 on Billboard, blocking Durk from the milestone honor.

Instead of hating, Durk reached out and the two worked on a song called “Broadway Girls,” which was released on his “7220” album. The album debuted at #1 on the charts, becoming the first time the artist was able to achieve that goal.

It started an interesting and unlikely relationship between the two.

Durk said in the interview that the two bring something special and unique to each other.

“We live in two totally different worlds. He’ll tell me, ‘Let’s go hunting, let’s go fishing.’ He’s opened my mind to a different view of life. I’m telling him about clothes, all about the sauce. But he doesn’t care much about fashion,” Durk shares.

Durk says he didn’t know about the n-word controversy but did not judge his white friend.

He said, “I went and talked to him, to see what was up with [the video]. When I hung out with him, it was totally the opposite. He was nowhere near racist. That’s my dawg. I took my own risk, to show the world that he isn’t that.”

The Chicago native, who says he is in therapy now after losing so many friends to the streets, is risking his reputation, stamping Wallen as “ok.”

Over the memorial weekend, a weekend originally started to commemorate people of African descent that died during the Civil War, Durk went fishing with his guy.

Wallen rushed to post to show him and his buddy out near a lake holding up catch from the day.

He captioned, “Durk done pulled up and taught me how to fish.”

In the comments, Durk replied, “Family energy.”

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