Rapper Mariahlynn’s Leg Fractured In Bat Beating Incident With Ex

Mariahlynn thought she would get peace with her ex, and instead, she got assaulted with a bat, and now her ex-boyfriend could be facing felony charges.

(AllHipHop News) “Love & Hip Hop” star Mariahlynn is nursing some pretty nasty wounds, as she rings in her 30th birthday.

According to reports, Mariahlynn was involved in a wild fight with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend last week in the Bronx.

The rapper claims she was lured to her house by her unnamed ex, with a promise of making peace.

But the exact opposite happened when she arrived with one of her friends and was confronted by her ex and his woman.

Mariahlynn and an unidentified companion were immediately attacked and beaten by the conniving couple.

During the dispute, the woman pulled out a blade, cut Mariahlynn, and beat the reality star and her friend with a bat.

Mariahlynn had a contusion, a black eye, and a fractured leg as a result of the beatdown, while her friend suffered minor injuries as well.

So far, no one has been charged but the NYPD is investigating the assault, which could result in felony charges for her ex-boyfriend.


“I’m surrounded by people all the people who love me,” Mariahlynn posted cryptically. “God don’t like ugly and I’ll speak on what happened just not tonight because this is my special day.”

Mariahlynn appears to be making the best of the situation.

She celebrated her birthday surrounded by friends and family and even posted a video of herself twerking with crutches.