EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Nicki Minaj Arms Herself With Expert Testimony In Legal War Against Marley Green

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is bringing out the big guns as she goes after a blogger for saying she’s hooked on cocaine and dissing her baby, “Papa Bear.” Read more!

Nicki Minaj is preparing for a legal showdown in court against blogger Marley Green, accusing her of damaging the rapper’s reputation through malicious social media activity. 

This high-profile case centers around the “Super Bass” rapper’s defamation lawsuit against blogger Marley Green over a drug allegation. 

Judd Burstein, Nicki’s attorney, submitted documents to a New York court claiming that Green, allegedly behind the @noseyheauxlive social media account, outrageously stated in a video that Nicki was a “coke head” and had been “shoving in all this cocaine up her nose.”

Marley also went after Nicki’s kid, affectionately known as “Papa Bear,” but she eventually apologized. 

“I apologize for those comments. No excuses. I will continue to fight to clear my name with the help of my team and lawyer,” Marley Green wrote. 

Nicki Minaj has vehemently denied ever using cocaine and seeks $75,000 in damages. Burstein argued that while social media can be an effective vehicle for spreading lies, it does not grant anyone the right to do so. 

He also claimed that Green was acting as a proxy for one of Nicki’s rivals, possibly Cardi B, in an attempt to elevate her career at Nicki’s expense.

As they prepare to square off in court, Nicki anticipates presenting an expert who will testify about damages inflicted on her reputation, particularly those caused by Green’s social media posts. 

Despite no settlement discussions, the parties counsel has considered participating in the District’s Mediation Program as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

Green has not officially responded to the lawsuit, but she took to social media to accuse Nicki of harassment, claiming that the rapper doxxed her and sent her fans, known as “Barbz,” to threaten her life.

As the case moves forward, it is expected to be tried by a jury. Both parties’ counsel has conferred and estimated that the trial will last approximately three court days.