Rapper Pitbull Opens Tuition-Free Charter School in Arizona


Rapper Pitbull has decided to open a school in Meza, AZ, promising the students top-notch education tuition-free.

Rapper Pitbull has decided to open a school in Meza, Arizona, promising the students top-notch education, tuition-free. 

The artist will work through the philanthropic arm of his enterprise to bring the campus to the community.

According to Fox 10, the international superstar, through his SLAM! Foundation, has started constructing the tuition-free charter school that they plan to open for underprivilege students in Fall 2022.

This is not the first school that the Grammy award-winner has opened with his SLAM! Foundation. Currently, there are 12 public charter schools serving over 5,500 students starting in early learning until they are ready to go on to college. 

So far, the schools are located in Florida, Nevada, and Georgia. The latest school will be located at 305 Main Street in Meza.

In response to this exciting venture, Pitbull said, “God is so big. The law of attraction so real. The building is 305. Yeee!”

Matthew Benson from the Arizona Charter School Association also is thrilled for the chart-topper has invested into.

“We’re talking about Pitbull, Mr. Worldwide,” Benson stated. “So, this is going to bring a lot of attention and choice for school choice in Arizona.”

Pitbull founded SLAM! in 2015 to focus on Sports-infused lessons, Lifelong learner’s skills, Academics, and Motivation. 

He spoke about why he believes in the mission in the video below: