Rapper Pras Accused Of Working With China To Pressure Former President Trump To Drop Money Laundering Charges

Trump and Pras

Pras is in a serious bind with the federal government, who just charged him with illegally trying to influence the Trump administration to drop a money-laundering investigation!

Fugees group member Pras Michel is in more trouble with the Feds – he was just charged with working with China to have an ongoing embezzlement investigation dropped.

According to the Department of Justice, a grand jury in Washington D.C. just returned a superseding indictment against Pras and a Malaysian national accusing them of “orchestrating an unregistered, back-channel campaign beginning in or about 2017 to influence the then-administration of the President of the United States and the Department of Justice both to drop the investigation of Jho Low.”

Pras and Jho Low were already charged with conspiring to commit money laundering. Two years ago, the Feds claimed Jho Low embezzled billions from Malaysia’s 1MDB fund.

Working with Low’s stolen money, Pras allegedly dumped millions of dollars to support the 2012 presidential campaign of then-President Barack Obama, by using at least 20 straw donors to conceal the true source of the money.

Now, Pras is accused of running a “back-channel campaign” in an attempt to get President Donald Trump’s administration to drop the entire investigation.

The pair conspired with Elliott Broidy, who was paid $9 million by Jho Low, Nickie Lum Davis, and others to engage in undisclosed lobbying campaigns at the direction of Low and the Vice Minister of Public Security for the People’s Republic of China, where the Feds believe Jho Low is currently hiding.

Pras is also charged with witness tampering, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and conspiracy to make false statements to banks.

The rapper is facing between 5-20 years in prison if he is convicted.