Rapper Sent To Emergency Room After Using Gorilla Glue To Stick A Red Party Cup On His Lip

Rapper Takes #gorillagluechallenge and fails!

An aspiring rapper from Louisiana is recovering after he took the infamous #Gorrilagluechallenge that made Tessica Brown infamous.

Gorilla Glue’s stock is either shooting through the ceiling or totally tanking. 

For the last two weeks, the adhesive brand has been in the news after a 40-year-old woman, Tessica Brown, used the product as a substitute for her hair goop. 

Now, an aspiring rapper from Louisiana is suffering the same plight — after mocking her ordeal by taking the #GorillaGlueChallenge. 

Len Martin revealed on social media that he did the sticky challenge to prove that Tessica was exaggerating her crisis after she went viral and gained almost 1 million followers on Instagram.

To Lee Martin’s dismay, she wasn’t capping and now he is left with a gluey-dewy ripped up lip!

Instead of putting the glue on his head, Martin videotaped himself attaching a plastic red cup to his lip, which he thought he would simply come off.

The stunt sent him to the emergency room, where the doctors had to remove the cup, which produced a “painful peeling.” 

DUH. Son … he gorilla-glued a red party cup to his lip … was he drunk?

“I thought she was just playing around cause I didn’t think it was that serious, that Gorilla Glue would actually do all of that you know?” Lee Martin told WKBN 27. “I actually tried it a couple of times before, it never really worked for me for anything, like using actually it on things. That’s when I was like okay well “she’s lying,” and you know all these challenges going on, so I said I’m going to go ahead and try it you know and it went backwards.” 

Currently, Lee Martin is waiting to see if his lip will heal naturally or if he will require surgery.

Gorilla Glue released a statement to the public about messing around with their product.

“Our spray adhesive states in the warning label, ‘Do not swallow, do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing…’ It is used for craft, home, auto, or office projects to mount things to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, laminate, and fabric,” Gorilla Glue said in a statement.

Maybe they are not clear enough and need to spell it out even more.