Rapper Wiz Khalifa Sells Personal Wardrobe To Raise Money For Pittsburgh Public Schools

Artist wants young people to have an opportunity to learn music while in school.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is giving back to his hometown, Pittsburgh, PA. 

The rapper took to his social media to make an announcement about selling his custom clothes and going to donate the proceeds from their sale to the Pittsburgh Public School’s music programs.

On his Twitter, he posted, “Just dropped some more fresh pieces in my @Depop shop. Grab gear straight from my closet whit it lasts.”

“Yo, what up, it’s your boy Wiz Khalifa, I just dropped new pieces in my Depop store,” he said in the video, he said, “All the proceeds go to Pittsburgh Public Schools to fund the music programs.”

Officials in from the school district are appreciative of his effort to help finance having music in schools.

They tweeted their appreciation, simply saying, “Thank you Wiz.”

Wiz, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, actually went to Taylor Allderdice High School in Squirrel Hill, according to CBS News, and started curating his life as entertainment in their hallways.

Before he lived in Pittsburgh in 1996, Wiz lived in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan. He was also born in North Dakota in 1987.

The announcement was made on social media.

But weeks ago, AllHipHop.com reported that Wiz believes social media has its pros and cons. One con is that it stops new artists from gaining traction like they should.

“It’s hard to organically go viral. It’s hard to recreate moments as well. So, if you have a dope moment, it’s hard to spin off that and create a brand off that moment, because everything is based off advertising,” the rapper said. “It doesn’t really lean toward building up their own platform, it really just builds up the platforms they’re performing on. Which is cool, but that’s not what I’m into. I’ve never been into making somebody else money.”

“The way I see it is: You just use it for business and as much promotion as possible,” the 34-year-old continued. “It’s hard because it’s in reverse – the more following you have, the less interaction you’re gonna get because corporations don’t want you to be stronger than them.”

The artists just dropped a new album called “Multiverse,” the first solo project since 2018.