Rap’s Ultimate Rap League Just Snapped…Ultimate Madness

The battle rap platform that has defined the sport for the culture is back to remix the industry as no one has ever expected.

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(AllHipHop News) Cultural disruptors, the Ultimate Rap League has been providing quality content to fans amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. Early on they started putting out unreleased contests, previously only seen in person or on the app.

Then as the appetite grew for more current programming, they turned to a new series utilizing immediate social media tools, the Caffeine TV platform and YouTube to get the Quarantine quick battles out.

And as successful as both those attempts were, fans ached for the quality of battles that they had accustomed seeing.

COVID-19 smashed the plans that the league had for 2020. The potentially deadly virus stopped large gatherings making the typical hype capacity experiences come to a screeching halt.

Company owners, Smack, Beasley and Cheeko could not possibly endanger their fans by even hosting contests that would be open to the public and not worth jeopardizing the health of their fanbase.

But still, the beast of battle rap had to eat.

The answer came with the reimagining of their hit BET show, Ultimate Freestyle Fridays and transformed the concept into a brand new franchise: The Ultimate Madness.

Deemed as battle rap’s biggest elimination tournament, this complex competition is primed to birth the next generation of superstars. In a trailer recently released on Instagram, they dropped a few more bombs on the culture— further reiterating their status as top dogs in the culture.

Instead of the top prize being $10,000 as previously announced or $15,000 as suggested a few weeks ago … the lyricists will be knocking each other’s heads off to get a cash prize of $25,000.

Who will be in this tournament?

First-round will be:

· Squeko vs. Your Honor

· Gunpowder Patt vs. Ru Bando

· Jey the Nitewing vs. Real Sikh

· Kid Chaos vs. Lu Castro

· Fonz vs. J. Krooger

· Easy the Block vs. Don Marino

· Brooklyn Hanz vs Big Hann

· Bad Newz vs. Ace Amin.

The beginning of the battle series will air May 23rd and consecutively every Saturday until June 30.

On the Friday evening before, you will get to see their faceoffs and some exciting surprise battles. Judging the battles are the culture’s most insightful influencers: Knowledge from HipHopIsReal.com, Reda from Champion, Unkle Rah from 15MOFE, and Tony Bro from Black Compass. The stream hosts will be Henny Man from Battle Rap Trap and Jay Blac from Champion.

Well, what is the grand prize? The top two will get to battle on NOME X, sharing the same stage that Tsu Surf and Loaded Lux will finally get busy on.

Yup… can you feel it? Pure Madness and we are here for it.