Rare Breed Ent. Combines TikTok And IG Challenges To Give Fans Their Battle Rap Fix

The battle rap league, Rare Breed Entertainment, has created an alternative to their live events —whereas rappers create small videos to animate their already illustrative lyrics.

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(AllHipHop News) The internet is bubbling with all kinds of Hip-Hop digital competitions, as rappers and industry execs clamor to find alternatives to entertain the party hungry community.

TikTok and Instagram are creating crossroads for artists and fans to engage, sharing content more intimately with each passing day.

DJs like D-Nice and Questlove host daily/nightly virtual parties forcing their fans to re-imagining the club scene for such a time the prohibits public swerving.

People are jumping on rap challenges like the #AllHipHopHuntiSeason or #ColdSummerChallenge to get their bars off.

And totally inspired by battle rap culture, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have created franchise out of their VERZUZ’ series bringing the cultures most notables to go back-to-back in a friendly battle of personal works.

And while some are inspired by battle rap culture, so simple are inspiring the culture of battle rap.

That can be said of the Social Distance series produced by the formidable battle rap league, Rare Breed Entertainment.

The Social Distance cards are on-site battles that afford the lyricists the freedom to create most wicked backgrounds for their performances. Essentially, each rapper creates their own acapella music video that goes up against a worthy opponent: Bars and visuals! That’s it. That’s all.

And that’s enough for battle rap enthusiasts to go “gaga.”

The list of battles that have been dropping over the last seven days are as follows:

Ill Will vs. T-Rex, Bigg K vs. Loss Da Boss, Charron vs. Street Hymns, 40 Cal who was supposed to go against Cortez (but that did not go down), Chef Trez vs. Quantum Physics, Ooops vs. Rosenberg Raw and Blve Cocaine vs. Yoshi G.

Folk are really feeling it.

Brick by Brick, Rare Breed continues to keep their head down and innovate. No need for comparison, their motto is to create quality experiences that maintain legitimate connections to the streets.