Rare Breed Entertainment’s MAX OUT 2 Card Approaches — Making for One of the Most Exciting Nights in Battle Rap

Will the RBE card be as exciting as the promo? If Max Out 1 is any kind of indicator … probably so!

The energy is bubbling all across the culture, as many gear up for Rare Breed Entertainment’s Max Out 2 this upcoming weekend, Saturday, July 10th at the Believe Music Hall in Atlanta, GA.

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Marketed as one of the biggest nights in the culture, the show might just live up to the hype and even surpass the first MAX Out that set the bar really high.

Some of the battles set up on the card seem unconventional (coming from left field), while others are biblical in proportion (reflecting a Cain and Abel narrative). All the battles promise to be lyrical miracles, showcasing many of the culture’s most elite emcees.

Bigg K vs. X-Factor will be a sleeper as many of the battle rap’s new fans are clueless to how crazy the Detroit native gets busy. One of the things that RBE does well is “serve up plates” to pioneers in the space that have been out of action for a minute. With two years of ring rust on him, the question will be “Is X-Factor ready for the league’s most vicious dog?”

Philly’s Rosenberg Raw, a severely underrated battler, will go up against A-Ward, of the Christian rap crew “The Horsemen.” Raw will move like a tactician and try to break down his opponent. But A-Ward has a gift that can only be called “DIVINE.” He has a pen, and he has a mind-blowing freestyle ability. The two will definitely put on a show.

When Chubby Jab recently popped on the battle rap scene, many didn’t believe that he would be a contender. Sure, he got a reputation battling in LA and NYC’s Fight Klub, but it’s his validation by Cassidy that has reintroduced him to the 2021 fanbase— one that loves him. But you know who else is loved by the fans? Pontiac’s Ill Will. Ill Will, who has been a contender for Jay Blacc’s Champion of the Year for several years, won’t be a breeze for the rapper/singer. He’s a fan favorite for good reason and will pull out all of his bells and whistles to grab the victory. This has the potential to be the battle of the night.

One of the reasons why battle rap is so popular is because it highlights pure lyricism. This battle, between Top Dawg Entertainment artist Daylyt and former Bad Boy rapper/songwriter/ producer King Los, will be a bar fast. The two are supreme thinkers, wizards with words, and alchemists with the golden thoughts that fall from their brains. They are brilliant enough to come up with things that you have never heard before and clever enough to say in a way that will entertain. This Daylyt vs. King Los will be a classic. Few variables can make it anything less.

Another battle that might be a classic is the headliner— Hitman Holla vs. Calicoe.

This is kinda a grudge match … kinda a brothers’ quarrel … kinda a Midwest massacre reloaded. Once friends, the two will put all familiarity to the side to handle issues of disrespect, misunderstanding, and the “playing too much.” Hitman will take time away from his day job, he should be getting ready for the premiere of the 16th season of the hit series Wild ‘N Out a month later on VH1, to do the battle. But this is one he says that he just had to take. Not because of the money, in reality, according to the faceoff RBE compensated him well and even gave him stock in the company. He had to take Calicoe because he felt disrespected. Calicoe on the other hand doesn’t see it this way. He believes that he was trolling for the battle and a bigger bag. It seems that on the 10th, the two will handle the differences.

In addition to the main battles, there will be some undercards. These battles are as follows: Bubba Tung vs. Coach Corleone, Jaskizzal vs. J Geans, and Ladii Tunez vs. Raw Image.

Seems like a full day of battle rap action. The doors open at noon and the live pay-per-view starts at 1 PM. More details can be found at RareBreedEnt.com.